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The Scarf Proves Itself as the Most Versatile Accessory Ever

Tie it around your waist as a beach cover-up; around your bosom as a cute summer tube; wear it your ponytail to give it an instant update. They can do it all – and then some.

Living in a part of the world where it’s pretty much summer all year round, I’ve always dismissed scarves as being just about useful as a tank top in winter. Which is not very much at all. For more than a year (maybe two), I’ve had a very generous gift of an Hermès silk scarf sitting ideal in my closet. There’s no way, no way in hell, I was going to step out of the door with a scarf wrapped around my neck in high 20-something degree heat and humidity.

I attempted taking a leaf out of le boss’s books by attempting to rock my scarf the way she does bandanas but that ended up being a major fail. My scarf way too long for the look. The KULALA archives proposed scarves as a cheat code for giving ponytails an instant update. It could’ve been super cute if I only had long tresses I could gather into a high Ariana Grande pony sitch. I had at one point just come to terms with the fact that the beautiful scarf might never see the light of day. I’d almost given up a little too easily.

Yet, this story has a happy ending. The turning point came when I stumbled upon Roop Furoshiki’s handmade bags on the ‘gram. By then, getting my hands on them was mission impossible as they were perpetually sold out everywhere. But they were handmade. I have hands. I could attempt making my own Roop Furohsiki pouch.

And with Instagram’s algorithm, when it rains inspiration on the explore feed, it pours. I’m not complaining. It has led me to multiple permutations of scarves worn as tops; as a beach coverup; as a hair accessory; as a stand-in face mask; and my favourite as a shoulder bag. It’s a rather extensive list. The It girl posse and well, ASAP Rocky have proven that scarves need not be compartmentalised as a thing for winter dressing.

It’s a real pity, leaving a pretty scarf untouched in your (or your mom’s) closet. Along the way, I’ve collected plenty inspiration on how to make the scarf work for you. Scroll through the gallery above and cherrypick the ones for you.

Burberry Printed Mulberry Silk-Twill Scarf

Loewe Fringed Printed Wool, Silk and Cashmere Blend Scarf

Etro Printed Metallic Fil Coupé Silk-Blend Chiffon Scarf

Gucci Floral-Print Gingham Silk-Twill Scarf

SHRIMPS Florence Floral-Print Silk Scarf


Versace Baroque Print Silk Scarf

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