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How To Style The Season’s Animal Print, As Told By Your Favourite Cool Girls

As far as we're concerned, animal prints are now the new neutrals. Shocking, but true. See how the coolest girls of fashion style this season's fiercest prints.

We’ve always been told to walk before we run, but with the animal prints back this season, we’ll be sprinting full speed ahead. It doesn’t matter if you’re an entry level style enthusiast, or a professional pattern-clasher, because a little splash of leopard or zebra print wouldn’t hurt (especially since there’s no fur involved.)

Think of these bold prints as your new neutrals, your everyday cup of Joe. And, just like coffee, you’ll only need a little to keep you perked up for the rest of the day. Or if you’re like me, it’s go big or go home, no less than five espresso shots and animal prints galore.  

No matter your sense of style, there will always be a way to sneak this cheeky pattern into your comfort zone. We’re taking cues from the coolest girls of the fashion world on how we can rock this trend with ease. 


#1: Everyday Neutrals

If you’re dipping your toes into this trend for the first time, you can start with something simple. Treat this print just like you would with your favourite neutrals and add them alongside everyday separates. You could dress down a bold leopard print top with all black basics to keep things understated, or go casual with a printed pullover and some jeans. If you’re still worried about jumping onto the bandwagon, consider incorporating modern renditions into your outfits like snake print boots and bags. Like we said, you won’t need to don on a whole arsenal of animal prints to make a statement – tiny steps will take you a long way. 


#2: Dreaming In Colour

While we would normally stick to the classic earthy tones of brown and beige, there’s something about neon coloured animal prints that we can’t get enough of. Maybe it’s from the nostalgia of the eighties disco. Or maybe it’s the fact that we’ve witnessed a slew of paintbox inspired colours popping up on the runways of Fall/Winter ’18. Either way, if you love colour as much as us, maybe a neon approach will work in your favour. Whether you’re donning a multi-coloured leopard print coat, or blue zebra print pants, this pop of colour will keep you looking fresh all through fall.


#3: Doubling Up On Patterns

And if you’re feeling extra adventurous, don’t be afraid to try cross-pairing different animal prints together. Take a style tip from Giovanna Engelbert and go all out with a matching leopard dress, bag and heels. Or, you can keep things on the DL by mixing it with simpler patterns like stripes or checks. While going head-to-toe in a single print is the simpler alternative to looking high-glamour and fierce, mixing different patterns is a great way to create depth and contrast in your outfit.



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