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How to Style this Thing: Micro Shades Without Looking Like an Extra from The Matrix

It all comes down to the shape of your face.

Fashion is cyclical. What goes around comes around. And of late, fashion has repeatedly looked to the ’90s to mine for inspiration. Chain belts, platform flip flops, claw clips, baggy jeans…is it the year 2021, or have we traversed back in time to the ’90s? Even if we haven’t, our wardrobes certainly have.

And here’s another one to add to the count: micro sunnies. You might’ve all but forgotten the nostalgic teeny-tiny sunglasses that were the accessory du jour of the “It” girl set. Lisa Bonet, Aaliyah, Beyonce…they all rocked the barely-there frames. As with all micro anything, these itty bitty sunglasses don’t actually do much else than earn your look extra cool points. They also do make for a great #selfie moment – a case in point: here with our pick from Gentle Monster’s latest Nano collection.

If you’re one to stay on the safe side of things with your choice of sunnies, these itty bitty alternatives might understandably be way out of your comfort zone. We get it, they’re intimidating but half the battle’s won if you pick the right shape for your face. That way, you won’t risk looking like a misplaced extra from The Matrix.

Here are the general rules. If you have a round face, ala The Matrix rectangular shapes would work great for you. It’ll lend an angular edge to the softness of a round face. Conversely, if you have a distinct square face, you want to soften the angles with sunnies that are rounder, like, oval lenses for instance. For the heart-shaped faces out there, you want to even out your features by drawing more attention to the lower half of your face – a sassy cat-eye would be one to hold and to have for you. Lastly, the most envied of the lot. If you’ve an oval face, you have all the room for free play in the eyewear department. Cat-eye, rectangular, and even circular, pretty much anything goes! The world is truly your oyster.

Now that you have an idea of what would work for you in the mini sunglasses department, you’re all set to enter the matrix.

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