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How to Style This Thing: The Skirt-Over-Pants

You either love it or hate it. But even if your sentiments leaned towards the latter, give the skirt-pants combination a shot, maybe?

What do we call the skirt-over-pants? Skants? SOP? As you take a moment to contemplate, may I also urge you to dig deep into your memory bank to pull up references of the skirt-over-pants look that may be lingering in the recesses of your mind. Do you recall the visual of a certain girl band from the ’90s? If you’re thinking the ladies of B*witched, you’re spot on.

Of all the trends that have made a comeback from the ’90s, you could consider the skirt-over-pants the most surprising return of the lot. A bold and polarising proposition, you either want in on it or wish it was left in the history books. It’s one of those things like wearing a bralette over a shirt – there’s never a unanimous cheer for stylistic choices of the kind. If you’re enthused by the idea of the skirt-pant situation, this one’s for you. But if you’re one of them who for the life of you cannot comprehend the need for a garment that amalgamates a skirt and pants – both perfectly wearable on its own – good on you for getting this far into the narrative. Keep going.

Here at team Kulala, we fully embrace the look. We love mixing things around here. But with this particular look, because it can go down south real quick there are a few key considerations to acknowledge prior to attempting it. The first: the skirt-pants combination can add bulk around the waist. Hence, the material of the garment and the way the skirt falls over the pants is the all-important thing to pay attention to. Proportion is another. You have to ensure that both the skirt and the pants cut off at the right length for your body. And because there’s so much going on in the bottom-half of the outfit, we’d suggest keeping the top simple with a bodysuit or a plain sweater. In the footwear department, heels are preferred as elongating the leg is key.

Oh and a pro-tip, stay the furthest away from denim when you’re trying to rock this look!

Sacai trousers with removable panels

Palmer // Harding linked convertible striped woven straight-leg pants

Alix NYC Kane stretch-jersey thong bodysuit

Paciotti leather sandal

By Far Rachel mini chain-embellished croc-effect leather shoulder bag


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