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How To Style This Thing: Voluminous Dresses

It’s all about the endless layering options that have opened up for you. Peruse our gallery of puffy dress champions, then shop our top picks right away.

We have a confession. Whenever the weather tips towards the chillier side, we find it hard to part with the match made in heaven that is a big dresses and boots. Or even dress with sneakers. Dresses, nah too girly. Dresses with covered shoes, now you’ve got our attention.

Before you think it’s crazy for loving dresses in winter, hear us out. Long maxi dresses are the perfect throw-on item when you’re feeling lazy. Even when you’re layering a ton underneath, it’s not going to cause any additional visible bulk. See our point? It’s like layering, but without the weight. Brilliant! But, be warned, we’re not talking about any ol’ plain, slinky maxi dress. It’s much bigger. Much, much bigger.

We’re referring to big, puffy, voluminous dresses. Not the tutu Black Swan-esque ones our mothers have forced us into at some point when we were kids that have then scarred us for a little while in our lives. We’re talking about the big, beautiful dresses with ruffles and prints that just seem more approachable now that we’re all adults. It’s a no brainer, really. Get yourself a big dress during summer and you can wear it all year round. Remember that thing you can do with layering? Yup, this trick is going to save you lots of bucks when it comes to shopping for the transitional seasons.

Now that we’ve (hopefully) converted you into a dresses-during-winter type of girl, let’s move on to how you can style them. Cowboy boots have proven to be more than just a one season wonder so if you’re up for it, prairie inspired dresses with boots will always look super chic together. For days you want to put comfort first, sneakers work great too. And, if your sleeveless dress isn’t working out on chillier nights, throw on a coat or an oversized blazer. If you want, belting it at the waist will create the illusion of a blouse and skirt look. Or, just layer your dress on top of a long sleeved top. Or, if you dare, even jeans. With a change of perspectives, the billowy dress is one that comes with endless possibilities.

If it’s summer all year round for you, just slip on a big beautiful dress and pair them with straw accessories for the ultimate summer in Paris type of look. For any season, pick the dress. Ruffles, prints, tulle, layers, they all make up the beautiful voluminous dress that’s perfect for everyday wear.


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