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The Many, Many Ways To Style Your Favourite White Jeans

Don't be put off by the thought of spills and stains no more. If you don't have a pair, why that's what we're here for, innit!

White jeans are tricky business. For the unfamiliar, the uninitiated and the unexperienced, white jeans look like wardrobe malfunctions just waiting to happen. Sauce spills. Wine spills. Dirt from the floor. Makeup that you may have accidentally swiped off your face landing on its pristine surface. When you’re in white jeans, the outside world is a minefield. Furthermore, compared to say a white t-shirt, white sneakers or a white shirt, a pair of white jeans is a lot of white on one person. A misstep and you may look like you just came from the golf course.

Like blue denims, there are different washes of white denim. Those with blue undertones may be a little too glaring if you’re just starting out, so go for something muted, like a pair with yellow undertones or with a washed, seasoned look, say, with a raw hem. White denim jeans that come with a high waist or a white leg up the relaxed factor, which plays down the stuffiness that may come with white jeans. It may also help you relax more and worry less about getting stains on the thing. Don’t underestimate what clothes can do for the brain.

As for pairing, the same rule applies with everything else that seems difficult to work with: just don’t think too much about it. Treat it like you would with your favourite pair of pants. A quick scan of the street style scene reveals that going tone-on-tone with white is the modus operandi. For instance, white cropped denims with white shoes. White high-waist denims with a white t-shirt. Colours then come in the form of jackets, coats, belts or even shoes matched to the aforementioned three. Consider going for the white Canadian tuxedo, too, where the “polish” of white is juxtaposed on the most relaxed tuxedo there ever was.







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