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3 Ways To Turn Your Office Shoes Into Date Shoes In 3 Minutes

There's no need for Fairy Godmother and mice to turn your office pumps into date night shoes. Just a little sartorial sleight of hand is all it takes.

For couples the world over, Valentine’s Day is a day to look forward to, but it is, unfortunately, not a public holiday. While there are some who plan for the day weeks in advance, maybe even calling in sick to make the most out of it, there are others who only have the time to deal with it when the day arrives. Still, anyone celebrating Valentine’s Day deserves to have their look in tip-top shapeeven if they’re coming from a 9-to-5.

Outfits are easy to adjust. Throw on a coat, remove a shirt, bring an extra dress. Shoes on the other hand, a tiny bit more inconvenient. Unless you already have a pair – or pairs! – stashed under your desk, chances are you’ll be heading to that date in your work shoes. If your office dress code is strict,  your shoes are probably not as fancy as you hope.

No need to dismay, for sartorial magic can be worked with minimal effort. You don’t even need a Fairy Godmother or mice to makeover your shoes. Just three handy tips, some accoutrements and three minutes. You SHALL go to that ball – I mean, DATE!


So simple – and comfortable! For more sexy, less varsity, go for sheer socks, lurex or velvet.



Think of it as the much, much elevated ankle bracelet. We got this idea from Italian label Attico and their entire range of buckled ankle cuffs in satin, metallic and glitter. Throw them over any pump and the look is completely transformed. Don’t have ankle cuffs? Try skinny neck scarfs or even ribbons.



When we talked to Italian stylist Ada Kokosar about her insane Paciotti By Midnight collection, she said her unique shoes were created when she grabbed a pump, clipped some earrings onto them and covered them in plastic. You don’t need the plastic, but if you already have clip-on earrings on, just clip ’em on! (Jimmy Choo actually has shoe clips that do just that. You can get them here.)


…or just start with a 9-to-9 shoe!

They’re black, so they’re still appropriate, but with an extra something. A bareback, an architectural heel and in the case of these Gucci shoes, a detachable beaded bow that you can pop on and off as you please.


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