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A Quick Guide To Using Your Micro-Bag Like A Pro

It may not fit your mid-day cinnamon roll or a meatball sub, but if you play your cards right, a micro-bag can be a lot more practical than you think.

I am an insufferable micro-bag user. I am that person with dollars worth of coins in my bag because my wallet is too damn small to let me look at everything at once. I am that person who once used a card holder as a wallet for a whole year because I’d rather shrink my wallet than upsize my bag. I am that person who once carried a work bag no bigger than a slice of bread. (Though, I should add that it had reasonable width so it’s not like I was carrying air.)

There’s no denying that micro-bags are, simply, hella cute. Even more so when they’re miniaturised versions of the season’s most wanted bags. However, they are also mind-boggling. We love ’em, but we don’t quite know what to do with them. I mean, if a bag can’t fit my mid-day cinnamon roll, is it really a bag?

Well, yes, yes it is! When a bag is that cute, you make compromises, even if it barely fits your giant phone. Like wearing a silk slip dress with just a wool coat over in one-degree celsius weather – guilty as charged – or wearing pencil-thin heels when you know you’ll be walking on cobbled streets – also guilty as charged – because you love said dress and said shoes.

The fact is that small as they are, micros are the perfect take-and-go bags. They exude effortlessness, even though packing your life in one takes some thinking. Here, we walk you through a quick guide to making the most out of your favourite micro bag without making too many compromises. Unfortunately, that mid-day cinnamon roll will have to be excluded from this narrative. (Our micro-bag of the moment? Fendi’s Mon Tresor.)



While it should be universally acknowledged that all micro-bags are cute, not all of them are created equally. To maximise space, depth matters. A wide, flat base and a wide closure make things easier, because you store more and you get to see everything at once. No need to awkwardly dig through your bag every time you need your lip balm. Micro buckets like Fendi’s Mon Tresur and Simon Miller’s Bonsai are great for these. Look for micros with pocket sleeves on the inside as well for easy organisation.



This is obvious, but bring only what you need. The barest of minimums. With micro-bags come compromises. Unload your keys, clear up your cards and if you can, ditch the coins and cash. Your wallet has to quite skinny to make space for everything else. (The ones we’ve rounded up below will work.) Or, you can go completely wallet-free. If your micro can fit your phone, that’s good. If it cannot, wear something with pockets, so you can keep it and your portable charger there instead of carrying them in your hands. Can’t go out without sunglasses? Save space by hanging your pair on the outside of your bag.




Micros are excellent event bags, but events also mean you need touch-up tools. Again, skinny is key. Lip crayons over chunky liquid lipsticks and bullets. (This one by Hourglass trumps all, really.) As for compacts, we haven’t seen any as slim as the NARS Aqua Glow Cushion and the Cle De Peau Refining Pressed Powder. So, so compact. Tube lip balms take less space compared to those in pots. If you have a habit of carrying fragrances for that mid-day spritz, get a perfume pen. To save even more space, forget the facial tissues and blotters – just use what you can find in the ladies’ room.




Don’t forget your medication if you need it! Instead of bringing the whole bag, just cut out your required dose for the time you will be out. If it is a business event, you’ll need your name cards, but just bring a couple. In fact, use your card holder as a wallet if you’re really tight on space. (I’ve done it!)

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