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How To Put Your Party Sequins To Work In The Day

Can you wear sequins in the day without people asking if you have a party to go to later that night? Yes, a thousand times yes!

Sequins – we like how shiny they look on the rack, but taking them outside of the festive season and into daytime wear is tricky. You don’t want to waste that little sequinned thing you bought for the holiday parties, but you don’t want to look like you’ve just stepped out of the 1980s either.

Is it possible to wear sequins in the day without veering into tacky territory? Can you wear sequins in the day without people asking if you have a party to go to later that night? Judging from the usual suspects on the fashion week street style scene – and the sequin-obsessed Chanels of horror-comedy series Scream Queens – the answer is a resounding “yes”. Time to take that sequinned thing out of seasonal retirement.

The key to mastering sequins for the daytime is easy – let the sequins do the talking, keep everything else low-key. A sequinned dress over seasoned denim jeans, neutral knits and simple pumps. Swishy sequinned midi skirts with button down shirts and simple accessories. A fully-sequinned turtleneck with tailored black pants. If you want to pair your sequins with print without going overboard, take a page out of Candela Novembre’s book. The Milan-based style star pairs her sequinned vest with a checked dress in warm tones and accessories in black and white. Clever.

Ready to build your festive season wardrobe? Shop our edit of the best party shoes of the season – the glitzier the better! – here and see our ten-step guide to everything you need to stay ahead of the style game this fall here.

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