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I Took An Insider’s Look Into The Sergio Rossi Magic Kingdom

I even got to try my hand at making one of their seriously sexy pumps – and have the uniform to prove it, initials and all. See how my magical day with Sergio Rossi went down.

There’s something about craft and production that fascinates me on a whole other level. When I was invited to the Sergio Rossi factory in Italy, watching a pair of shoes come alive felt like actually being in an episode of How It’s Made on Discovery Channel. The eye-opening process of watching one of my favourite shoemakers at work is a once in a lifetime opportunity that I couldn’t not share.

Unlike an ordinary and bland factory, high ceilings, large windows and lots of natural sunlight filled the working spaces. It’s not something I’d expect a factory to look like. Artisans filled rows after rows of tables and machines, each one focused on working on their specialised fields.

As we moved down the production line, I stared fascinated at how much effort and precision it takes to handcraft a single shoe, which takes around 14 to 16 hours to be pieced together. The CEO, management team and designers frequently make their way down to the production line, not because they had to, but because it helps them understand the shoes better. It’s a really good practice, because it’s easy to forget and take these works of art for granted.

But that’s not all to this factory visit. I even got a chance to try my hand at making my own shoe – my inner shoe addict went “YES, PLEASE” – complete with my own uniform with initials embroidered onto it. Very official. Of course, I only completed a small part of it, but it was difficult enough even with one-on-one guidance. Hammers, heavy-duty machines and years and years of skill.

Jokingly, I asked if they would hire me with my new found experience in making a shoe. They said, “Of course!” Now you’ll know where to find me next summer.

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