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Where To Get The “Vintage” Gold Necklaces You’re Seeing On Instagram

Engraved with everything from lions to world maps, these are minimal pieces with maximum impact. We scoured Instagram for the three rising jewellery brands to know.

Like an oenophile is with wines, fashion loves a good vintage anything. If true vintage isn’t available – or if said true vintage can stay in your hands for five minutes without falling completely apart – “faux” vintage will suffice. That is, pieces only meant to look vintage, but will stay with you for at least two more decades without threatening to desiccate. It’s the best of the both worlds and precisely why the nineties monogram trend has taken off so well in the last two years and counting. Just look at Fendi and Dior if you need a quick revision.

Vintage jewellery has always held an appeal, because it is as though they come with a story, whether real or imagined. Like the rise of the nineties monogram, we’re also seeing the rise of the “vintage” pendant necklace, gold and engraved, almost always with that hidden treasure charm. Basically where it comes to the Ittest of jewellery, polished is out – weathered is in.

Their appeal is understandable. Taking the vintage feel out of the equation, these coin necklaces in the striking gold tones are minimal jewellery with maximum impact, whether you’re in a t-shirt or a swimsuit. And, because they already look “old”, there’s no worry of them being “out”, making them worthy investments. (I may have just talked myself into buying one. Yeap, that happened.) Whether you’re looking to adorn your neck with a miniature world map or a lioness, these are the Instagram-approved brands to know.




With names like “Paris”, “Love” and “Anna”, there’s a sort of sensuality with Nalin Studio’s pieces – and an air of mystery as well. For one, each pendant is engraved with words on the back that only the wearer knows. For two, they launch a new design only once every month at 7 p.m. on a specified date. (There’s even a countdown clock on their website for added drama.) While Nalin doesn’t carry a wide range, their pendants come in different shapes and sizes, which makes them perfect for layering. Shop Nalin Studios here.




These necklaces are extra special, because each of them are designed and made by the eponymous Mikaela herself (which means no two pendants are the same). Based out of the UK, her necklaces are meant to be like talismans, with her signature being her pendants engraved with the lioness, a nod to her own last name and the qualities the beast represents. It’s all very symbolic and unique. Shop Mikaela Lyons here.




With glowing endorsements from all the It girls you follow, CINCO is by far the most popular on the list with the widest range of designs, all with that “found this in a vintage shop” touch. Designed and made in Portugal, CINCO, like Nalin, has pendants in a plethora of shapes, lengths and patterns, perfect for – seemingly – effortless layering. Their gold-plated 925 silver necklaces are fairly affordable too at 50 euros a pop. Shop CINCO here.


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