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5 Insanely Chic Women Over The Age of 50 To Follow On Instagram

Because the term "It girl" shouldn't be tied to a specific age. We can only wish and hope that we'll be half as cool as Iris Apfel when we're 90.

Anyone who has ever seen their parents try to zoom in on an Instagram picture before the function was made available may be misled to think that the platform is for young people. After all, fancy technology equates young, right? Wrong. As the number of It girls on Instagram grow by the day, a rising trend of stylish personalities of all ages, not just the twenty-somethings and thirty-somethings, are growing along with it, ranging from 7 years old all the way to 96. These times they are a-changin and age is really just a number.

It’s not difficult to see why stylish mature ladies are gaining popularity on Instagram. There’s the obvious fact that they stand out, but there’s also something so wild and just…cool about not being held back by the year printed on your birth certificate. The confidence. The poise. The energy. Forget orthopaedic shoes – these ladies will take the Balenciaga Triple-S,  instead. Below, we’ve rounded up five of the women over 50 – including one nonagenarian – that truly are cooler than all of us with Instagram feeds as on point as their style choices.


#1: Ernestine Stollberg 

Ernestine (or Erni) Stollberg landed herself a modelling job for Park Wien, a concept store in Vienna, Austria at the ripe age of 96. When she and the owners grew closer over the presence of a newly bought puppy, they saw potential in how photogenic she was. The co-owner and stylist, Markus Strasser tells Vogue.com, “If I put something trashy or something cool on her, her attitude changes immediately for that kind of look, and I almost don’t have to say anything.” You can often find her clad in designer brands, striking a pose that may sometimes include a cheeky looking stuck-out tongue.


#2: Grece Ghanem

Can we say mother and daughter goals? The 52-year-old from Montreal, Canada, has amazing photos – taken by her daughter – and clothes that are drool-worthy. Ghanem only started her Instagram account in 2016 and loves to dress up in Gucci and Balenciaga. She keeps things simple but with a work-centric style to it. Best of all, she’s not even from the fashion-industry. She’s a personal trainer!


#3: Linda Rodin

The 69-year-old former fashion editor at Harper’s Bazaar happens to also be the brains behind the beauty company RODIN. Once a stylist for celebrities like Madonna and Halle Berry, Rodin gets her gear from obscure second hand shops in New York City. Her love for simple and non-fussy pieces has given her the most sophisticated style, complete with a pair of shades that is something of a Rodin signature. It’s prescription, but we’re loving how she incorporates it so seamlessly into all her outfits.


#4: Iris Apfel

Iris Apfel is a known fashion icon who at 96-years-old, shows no signs of slowing down on her eccentricity and love for eye-catching outfits. You may have heard about a little documentary about her titled Iris? Apfel loves to max out on accessories, and like Rodin, has also made her prescription glasses a part of her style. She’s got the same round frames in different colours and tinted lenses, each one complementing her outfit. Her career as an interior designer and textile maker has impacted her style in the most bombastic ways, with plenty of colours and a good amount of texture. Plus, she has done work at the White House for nine different presidents. I mean, her life repertoire is true goals.


#5: Lyn Slater

Know a professor who dresses well and is an Instagram star at that? Lyn Slater’s one of them, and teaches at Fordham University dressed like she’s just exited from a fashion show. Her scientist-turned-photographer partner, Calvin Lom, takes artistic shots for her Instagram and blog, shooting on rooftops and sidewalks. The 64-year-old’s style has garnered so much attention that she’s modelled for brands like Mango and Uniqlo. We can actually remember seeing her in the Mango store with thoughts along the lines of “Good lord, make me like her in the future!”


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