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5 Serious Investment Pieces That Will Bring On The Endorphins

We searched for five street style-approved yet highly versatile splurges in colours that send happy signals to your brain. The result: endorphins upon endorphins!

You don’t need science to tell you that colour therapy is a thing. Like how scents and music are powerful memory triggers, colours have the ability to make you feel a certain way. Of course, like scents and music, much of it is tied to the individual, though there are some that we can all agree on. Like how green is refreshing and relaxing, or how cool blue makes you feel calm, or how pastel pink anything makes us superbly happy because we’re millennials to the core.

Then, there’s retail therapy. The sheer pleasure of a good, well-deserved splurge. Even better if it is a worthwhile one that you will put to good use. Even better if it actually triggers endorphins in your brains, just by the very colour of it alone. Eh? Eh? Pleasure upon pleasure. Below, we list five colours known to do good stuff to the brain and match them to wardrobe pieces that you will hold on to for a long, long time.

The colour of trees, moss, the great outdoors. It is for good reason that the recommended colour to look at after long hours of staring at your phone or laptop is green: it relaxes, refreshes. Instead of the usual vibrant, leaf green, go for this olive boiler suit that you can dress up or down in a minute. All those pockets means you can go bag-free, too.

This one’s obvious enough. The colour of sunshine, wheat fields and pudding, yellow can lift your spirit and the spirits of those around you –  just make sure you don’t tread into fluorescent territory. This blouse by up-and-coming label Hellessy is the kind that we all need in a wardrobe: statement-making if it wants to be, versatile if it wants to be. (If you’re not feeling this blouse, a yellow swimsuit in a vintage cut is a pretty great idea as well if you asked us.)

The colour of the sky and sea. We all know blue is cool and calming and according to at least one research, it can lower your blood pressure (well, temporarily). Blue light has also been known to be anti-inflammatory. What better way to please your brain and simultaneously bag one of the season’s most-wanted bags with the JW Anderson Disc in soothing blue suede.

The fact that popular cafes and restaurants – case in point here and here – are dipped in pink isn’t just a coincidence. Officially our generation’s feel-good colour – even more so than yellow, we wager – pink, particularly that millennial, pastel pink, is a crowd pleaser. (Unless you’re adamantly against pink of any kind.) This Mansur Gavriel number is the right shade of pale pink, in a classic cut and exactly the right day-to-night size. Translation: you can take it anywhere.


Purple works similarly to blue in that it calms and in the form of light, can be anti-inflammatory. It doesn’t hurt that pastel purple – or lavender, or violet, if you want to get specific – is one of this season’s biggest colour trends. Heading somewhere beyond chilly this vacation season? This coat is an entire look in itself, whilst keeping you extra, extra warm.


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