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It Is Time To Cast Your Nets, As Told By The Runway

They’re giving staying cool in the heat a whole new meaning, but the rising woven net trend isn't something to be tucked away when the sun goes down either.

Nets galore! Nothing screams “last days of summer” louder than woven nets that look like they came right out from the golden sands of a beach. On the runways of fashion month, we’re seeing brands showcasing nets very liberally. We’re totally down for it – there’s nothing more summery than looking like you walked right off the shores of paradise. Especially when paired and mixed in with the ultra cool all-white everything summer ensembles, we’re glad the nets are back.

Somehow, summer just doesn’t feel complete without a little bit of brown or terracotta. Sneak warm hues and white in and it’s instant nostalgia. White and tan? It always works. Now, mix in this season’s hottest summer accessories like a woven bag or netted shoes and there you have it, a summer ensemble brilliant enough for you to jump through meadows of flowers at sunset. Not kidding. To show us the ropes – geddit? – we have Altuzarra with their woven fishnets laced with shells on dresses. You can find them on handbags and along the sides of their heels. For another summer accessory saviour, we have Giorgio Armani to thank for their elevated leather version of the woven bag. Over at Chanel, you can expect to find classic woven beach hats and a colourful rendition of the woven bag.

Adding on to the wave is Ports 1961. It’s like the effortlessly chic vibe we secretly all crave, but now manifested into an actual item we can own. Missoni and Area also had their fair share of multi-coloured woven over-layers and cover-ups. While Missoni focussed more on earthy tones and natural textures, Area’s collection looked more like a gang of badass girl rebels from the seventies. The approach was different with shades of deep emerald, metallic silver, and with little hints of turquoise.

With seasons shifting and trends changing, we’re glad the woven net is taking the spotlight for summer, be it this or next. Aesthetic aside, this trend brings about new life to what staying cool in the heat really means. Judging by how uncomfortable it can get under in the sweltering summer heat, the breathability and comfort from woven apparels and accessories is a godsend.

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