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At Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld’s Last Winter Wonderland Warmed The Hearts of Many

It was an emotional last show for many, one that can be described as solemn yet magical.

There were a ton of mixed emotions walking into Grand Palais to attend Karl Lagerfeld’s final show. Trodding on mock snow, we found ourselves in a winter wonderland, complete with snow-covered wooden cabins, skiing gear and pine trees. While it was astoundingly magical, it still felt solemn, knowing Karl wouldn’t make his appearance at the end with Virginie Viard anymore. 

Bells tinkled on the speakers as model after model trickled out of a cabin and took their places in an organised manner. Filled with anticipation, we were met with Karl’s voice over a recording, speaking in French. As the clip ended, all were asked to take a minute of silence, to honour the late designer for his brilliance and utmost dedication to the house.

Brimming with emotions, Cara Delevingne came down the runway in a monochromatic ensemble – a stunning houndstooth coat, hands in the pockets of a checkered tweed jumpsuit, and topped off with a matching hat – undeniably a favourite of ours. An army of poised, masculine coats and suits followed, gradually transitioning into more feminine materials and silhouettes of organza, ruffles, larger skirts and bright pinks, blues and reds.

References to skiwear came in skin-tight bodysuits, detailed with little printed figures skiing, as well as winter knit patterns from Nordic sweaters. Extra chic snow boots in different lengths and silhouettes sent snow flying down the runway, along with unexpectedly cute sneaker-wedges. 

Double bagging still isn’t going anywhere in fall. Clutch one under your arm and belt another upon your skirt. Shearling made an appearance too, covering the flaps of various bags. There were earrings enclosed in a clear rectangular cuboid, to resemble a piece of jewellery frozen in a solid block of ice, as well as clear snowflakes and heart-shaped double C earrings.

While the first group of perfectly elegant, tailored trousers-wearing girls opened the show, it closed with angelic looks in feather-like bubble skirt dresses in full white. Penelope Cruz, a long time friend of Karl’s and the house, walked in said angelic dress, carrying a single precious flower in honour of him, managing to contribute to the pool of tears already building up in the eyes of the attendees at Grand Palais.

In the finale, David Bowie’s “Heroes” blasted through the set, models hand in hand, applauding in unison with the crowd. And though the show was over, no one rushed off from their seats or raced for the exit. In that very moment, time came to a standstill, and the entire Grand Palais was just soaking up every memory of this momentous time in history, refusing to budge until it was really time to go. 

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