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Keep Your #CoupleGoals Dream Alive With Lessons From the Street Style Circuit

A glossary of non vomit-inducing street style looks for you to gather your couple wear inspiration from.

It has been 19 good years since Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake stepped out in their denim-on-denim-on-denim couple ensemble at the 2001 American Music Awards. The memory, however, remains fresh in our minds as if it were just yesterday. Who can ever forget? You could even bookmark the moment as the officiating of couple wear as a thing.

You can’t for certain pinpoint at which point of history being matchy-matchy with your significant other became a socially acceptable couple activity. I, for one, am not entirely sure it should ever be permissible. Consider me an anomaly. The rest of the world, however, is rather smitten with the idea of synchronising outfits. Its a sport.

And there is a full range of it which can be broken down to cringe-worthy on one end and cool on the other. Britney and Justin’s denim shocker leans towards to the former and Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s Yeezy colour palette epitomises the latter. Nailing a couple outfit is by all counts a challenge, especially, when you don’t have an entire team to flex their styling chops on your behalf.

But fret not, your dreams of attaining #couplegoal status aren’t entirely dashed. The street style glossary is a great place to crowd source for inspiration. These cool cats have a whole other way of interpreting couple wear. No vomit-inducing cheesy t-shirts in sight, I promise. Scroll away at the gallery up top and below, we have also put a put together a couple of styling tricks to keep you (and your other half) safe from falling victim to unfortunate couple ‘fits.

#1: Do not take couple wear too literally

Repeat after me. This is the one rule you absolutely cannot break. You do not want to be caught dead from head to toe in the same outfit. No, no, no. Be subtle in your references – the world will get the message that you’re a couple just as loud and clear. Consider playing around with fabric, print or colour palette rather than being carbon copies of each other. Beyond the street style crowd, you can also take a leaf out of Kim and Kanye’s books – their entire lives are perfectly colour coordinated. Remember, it doesn’t always have to be the obvious.

#2: It’s a vibe

It’s not always about what you can see on the outside but also about what you can sense. A vibe. The question then: how do you translate a vibe into an outfit? To put it simply, you collectively decide your mood and look. Grunge? Hippie? New Yorker cool? ’60s disco? Going off of a mood, your outfits do not have to look the same at all but it will still lead you to your desired effect of twinning with your other half. Again, repeat after me, the only rule you need to remember: Do not take couple wear too literally.

#3: Play around with accessories

When it comes to couple wear, always look at the bigger picture. The shoes and accessories, too, play a part in completing the look. Think carryalls of the same punchy hue, shoes of the same style or perhaps, matching headgear. If you’re not one to fuss over the clothes themselves, working around the shoes and accessories will save you all the hassle. If you ask us, subtlety is the way to go!

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