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The Street Style Look That’ll Make You Rethink Office Wear

And, it comes courtesy of the most unlikely of sources: Kendall Jenner in dad sneakers and the tightest little grey suit there ever was.

No matter your personal feelings about Keeping Up With Kardashians, it is universally acknowledged that the KarJenners, Gerbers and Hadids of the world have a part to play in influencing the way we dress, consciously done or otherwise. Perhaps it is the Malibu or Beverly Hills air that they breathe that allows them to land that quintessential off-duty look. But, who would’ve thunk that the KarJenner clan would one day influence the way I think about workwear?

Enter the second youngest of the KarJenner clan stepping out and about in Paris, dressed in a grey suit and the daddiest of dad sneakers and a modern Jackie O bob-ffant (as in “bob” and “bouffant”).

The entire look – by Carmen March – is tailored. The blazer even has power shoulder pads that can only mean business, but the eighties reference stops there. For one, the look is hella toight, metaphorically and literally. I love a boxy boy suit, but a suit that tight is just as much as a statement. It is nipped at all the right places, but you’re still totally covered up. Like a very corporate approved femme fatale.

Then, the dad sneakers. The unexpected full stop to a look that says you’ll pilot a meeting to perfection, but you’re not stuffy. Also, you know how to dress yourself. Plus, it gives you more reason to work on those 10,000 steps and take the longer commute to work when you have shoes that are actually made for walking.

A different kind of proportion play, the unexpected dad sneaker and skinny sunglasses to wear when you’re off for your coffee break? KenJen has just changed workwear as we know it.

Why stop there? Tuck your loose work pants into your boots, your blazer into your trousers. Pick a fully embroidered suit with tiny horses. Try pastels. Go off-shoulder. Go for very big pants. Corporate dressing is meh, said no one ever.









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