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KULALA Guide: The Best Vintage Stores to Score Chanel Finds

All from the comfort of your own home.

If you have a passion for collection vintage Chanel, which you probably are if you’re reading this, you’d know that nothing quite compares to the feeling of being greeted by rows and racks of Chanel finds of yore. It’s a rare feeling. Rare because unfortunately,  if you live in Singapore, the best vintage stores are nowhere close to home. Given the current state of affairs, chances are, it’s going to be awhile before any of us can hop on a plane to say Japan or Paris to scour for that denim Chanel bag or limited edition 2.55 you’ve had an eye on for years.

But from one Chanel enthusiast to another, we come bearing good news. It’s entirely possible to get your vintage Chanel fix right from the comfort of your home. God bless the Internet – can we get an amen. It might be an entirely different shopping experience not being able to touch and feel the supple, quilted leather but we’re not complaining. The vintage Chanel of your dreams might just be a click and a scroll away. Happy shopping, ladies!

Amore Vintage Japan

When our dear OG Kulala team member Candice last visited Amore Vintage Japan three years ago, she proclaimed the store as a heaven for vintage Chanel fiends. It was an entire space dedicated to rows and rows of Chanel bags, accessories, shoes, swimsuits, belts, brooches and earrings. From limited edition pieces to countless versions of the 2.55, they had it ALL. You might not be able to hop on a flight to Japan any time in the near future but lo and behold, you don’t have to. Their extensive – and by extensive we mean 142 pages dedicated entirely to Chanel vintage finds – inventory is catalogued on their e-commerce site. It gets even better, Amore Vintage offers worldwide shipping and at the mo, it’s free. Chanel vintage hoarders rejoice!

Vintage Qoo

This is also another one of Yoyo’s go-to spots to scour for vintage finds every time she’s in Tokyo. If you were to visit the physical Vintage Qoo store, you’d again find yourself in the midst of a dizzying array of rows and racks of Chanel bags, clothing and accessories. If Chanel bags are what gets your blood rushing, we’re certain Vintage Qoo would send you right on an adrenaline high. And as with Amore Vintage Japan, you can browse Vintage Qoo’s line-up of oldies but goodies online without hopping onboard a seven-hour flight.

Old London Vintage

The latest to come under our radar, Old London Vintage might just be home to one of the biggest vintage Chanel collections we have laid our eyes on. The boutique’s e-store is quite literally an endless scroll of vintage Chanel inventory. When your eye tires from browsing the vast, vast inventory of bags of yore, you can switch over to Old London Vintage’s curation of artworks featuring Chanel’s signature prints and double C logo. You bet we weren’t kidding when we said their collection of vintage Chanel is extensive – there’s art included in the mix too! A disclaimer though, contrary to what its name might suggest, Old London Vintage is actually based in Taiwan which means both the store’s website and Instagram page require translation if you’re not well-versed in Chinese. But what’s a little inconvenience for the Chanel bag of your dreams?

What Goes Around Comes Around

Did you instinctively read What Goes Around Comes Around to the tune of Justin Timberlake’s 2006 hit of the same name? Because, same. Except that what we’re talking about is a vintage enclave that has been around in New York’s Soho area since 1993. The boutique is a not so secret secret home of exclusive Chanel vintage pieces – you know their inventory is quite something when it’s Kylie Jenner’s go-to for her Chanel fix. It might not carry the widest range but there are some very special pieces you’ll find in the mix.

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