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KULALA Guides: Shop All The Best Cowboy Boots Of The Season

If you think cowboy boots were only meant for the Wild West, think again. Championed by It girls everywhere, these are boots for giddy-upping onto the streets and beyond.

Designers are on-board for cowboy-slash-Western chic this fall. Whether it’s at the front row of fashion week, or on your favourite Instagram style crush, there’s no escaping this trend. Are we complaining? No, not at all. Cowboy boots aren’t as unappealing anymore – they’re less kitschy, more wearable – and they come in a horde of different prints and colours that aren’t just animal hide. If you’re down for experimenting with a cream thigh-high cowboy boot, or just looking to get fun with footwear, you’ll want to jump on this trend.

Don’t expect this the trend to die out when spring rolls around. Cowboy boots look especially cool with lighter fabrics and long, flowy dresses. For fall, you may choose to stick to the darker colours like black or brown. Go for a croc-effect boot if you’re looking for added drama. Keeping things transitional for fall is easier with the boots too. They’ll go with anything in your closet. Everything from distressed jeans to that long floral dress you haven’t worn since last summer, cowboy boots are surprisingly versatile. When spring comes around, you can choose to lighten things up by opting for boots in lighter shades like white or cream.

Instead of picturing them as these fashion-forward and incredibly hard to style footwear investments, you should treat them like you would your favourite pair of canvas shoes. They might not be essentials, but they’ll definitely take your everyday style to the next level. Ahead are some cowboy boots that will convince you this trend is completely wearable IRL. Giddy up!

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