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[CLOSED] KULALA Holidays VI: We’re Giving Away THREE Coach Dinky Bags!

Can you say holiday? Can you say PAR-TAY? Here's what you need to do to stand a chance to win the holiday edition of Coach's Dinky, worth $595.

CONGRATULATIONS to our winners @thecheesychick, @jeralyn and @cutheties! We will be sending you an email very soon, so keep a look out for it!

We’ve gone on at length about party bags and we don’t plan to stop anytime soon. They’re fun, they’re festive, they put you in a mood, but we also love party bags that are practical to a fault. We like glitz, but we like glitz with substance. This week, our bag radar turns to Coach’s ultra-cute Dinky.

Some facts about the Dinky: it is a re-edition of a design from the ’70s, hence its vintage look. It is also spectacularly practical with two pockets to keep your odds and ends, and one twist-lock compartment for the more private things like cards and cash (or the digits of a certain so-and-so). It is also meant to be worn as a cross-body and that can only mean one thing – your hands free to feast, drink and be merry. Yaaaaas.

Now, you’re in for a serious treat. We’ve partnered with Coach to give away THREE Dinkies from their holiday collection, worth S$595. They’re clad in high-shine metallic leather, guaranteed to catch the spotlight and give you the necessary shine for the holidays and beyond.

To stand a chance to be one of our three winners for this Coach giveaway, simply to do the following:

1. Sign up for our newsletter in the box you see on the right, or click here. We’ve had an influx of subscribers, so do subscribe again to be doubly sure!

2. Next, follow us on Instagram.

3. Be sure to follow us on Facebook too.

4. Finally, leave a comment in our comment section below. Be sure to include your email address and Instagram handle so we know how to reach out to you. This part is important! (Note: You must be based or have a local address in Singapore to qualify for the giveaway.)

Once you’ve done all FOUR steps, you’re in! Our giveaway with Fresh ends on 24 December, 2017 at 6.00 PM. We will announce the three winners thereafter, so keep an eye on your inbox – you may be one of them. Don’t worry if you don’t score this one as we still have many incredible giveaways coming your way. Thank you to our partner Coach for these dope gifts!

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