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KULALA ICONS: Lauren Hutton, Face of the 1970s & Beyond

We track some of the model's best style moments through the years. Get ready to pin all of these on your #OOTD #inspiration boards.

What is with us and women who have a preference for pantsuits that walk the line between sensual and smart? What can we say – our inner tomboy just cannot be quelled. Recently at Bottega Veneta’s Spring/Summer 2017 show, creative director Thomas Maier roped in one Lauren Hutton to walk the finale. Taking the runway in an oversized trench coat, Hutton’s look was a clear and clever throwback to her role in Paul Schrader’s American Gigolo. She even carried the very same Bottega Veneta intracciato clutch from the film. Awwww.

More than just a model and an actress, Lauren Hutton is an enduring style icon, a defining face of 1970s style. We think we can all agree that her grecian Halston gown and chubby fur combo remains as one of the best looks to walk the Oscars red carpet – ever. With a little tooth gap, perfect blonde lob and big doll eyes, Hutton could do girly-pretty or even Twiggy-quirky if she wanted, but she chose pantsuits instead. And dang, were they good pantsuits.

Hutton is one of those people who has a style uniform and just basically sticks to it. A silk shirt buttoned dangerously low, pants that end a little awkwardly at the ankles, a menswear-inspired jacket and an occasional trench and a hat. A simple, classic and ridiculously comfortable combination that is still all over the street style scene of today. “You have to know your own proportions, know what looks good on you. And you have to stick to it. You’ve got to find your style, which takes a while. But it happens,” she recently told H&M Magazine.

If you need anymore proof that Hutton was ahead of her time in the style game, check out that red velvet suit, or that satin suit. (Both huge trends for fall, by the way.) How about that Yankees cap with a white shirt and a blazer? Those sweatpants with a blazer, oversized trench coat and sneakers? Hutton made sport luxe a thing way, way before it became a thing, y’all. Another super-wise style sound bite? “Start to think back on [compliments people have given you] and pull those things out. If you put on whatever they’re trying to sell you, you will always be out of fashion. Otherwise, they can’t keep selling you,” says Hutton to Fern Mallis, Executive Director at CFDA. That actually…makes sense. BRB, we’re pinning all of these on our Pinterest boards.

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