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In Case It’s New Year’s Eve And You Have Absolutely Nothing To Wear

Don't freak out. Don't stop, drop and roll. Take a deep breath and dive into these street style-approved looks that you can steal at the last minute.

Stop everything and take stock of the little people running around your brain. Are they freaking out because it is three days to New Year’s Eve and you haven’t thought about what you’re wearing to that final party of the year? Are they giving you intentional migraines because you didn’t get that one sequinned thing that they all said “yes” to? If so, drop everything, stick your head into your wardrobe and breathe. All is well, my child, for we are here to help.

Don’t have a single appropriate sequinned thing? No probsies. Forgot to check that party dress out of your cart? That’s a-okay, because you still have a white shirt. Pop on a pair of wide-legged black pants (these are nice) and a black hat and no one can fault you for not remembering the sparkle theme because you look so damn polished. Maybe a blue striped shirt is more your thing. If so, Jessica Alba makes the case for a red skirt and a red lip with her striped shirt.

Besides, sequins aren’t the only way to a high-shine New Year’s Eve. We’re pretty sure you’ve amassed quite a bit of velvet and satin over the last months. (If you haven’t, we’ve got all the velvet you need here.) Go head-to-toe in velvet or satin, and throw on a faux fur stole if you’ve got one lying around and you feel fuh-yancy. Just think about how cosy you’ll be while that girl in the corner tries to sit down in her sequinned mini dress.

If you’ve recently jumped on the going-out robe bandwagon (this, this and this, we love), slip that over a sheer turtleneck or a slip dress and slip on some slip-ons to nail that really-didn’t-give-two-hoots look. We dare you to say that sentence five times. Haven’t you heard? Apparently, the bedroom is the new black. (Jks, nothing is ever the new black, but you get my point.) If you don’t have a robe, dig up any oversized blazer or coat, then skip the buttons and the shirt, wrap a belt over it and call it a day à la Rihanna. If Rihanna approves, everyone approves.

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