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A Closer Look: Chanel’s Les Bles de Chanel Collection

The high jewellery collection has the unassuming wheat as a starting point. We capture our favourites, including a stunning eight-carat diamond ring that basically has its own Kira Kira.

Gabrielle Chanel is a fountain of inspiration that never seems to run out. After all, she led such a vivid life, both at the atelier that she founded and outside it. Her apartment alone is a treasure trove for anyone facing an inspiration drought. One can only imagine what it was like in its heyday when Chanel would have everyone from Salvador Dali to Elizabeth Taylor walking through her doors, amid her collection of odds and ends, most notably her figurines of lions and bales of wheat.

It is the latter that takes centrestage in Chanel’s Les Bles, the high jewellery collection that recently made its way to the ArtScience Museum in Singapore. Gabrielle Chanel took her symbols of luck very seriously and wheat, which represented prosperity for her, was no exception.

Wheat may appear simple at first glance, yet Chanel’s jewellers were able to flesh out an entire collection based on it. Chanel looked at the wheat from beginning to bloom to beyond, from the moment it rises above the ground as a green sapling to abstract interpretations, like the print of a stalk of wheat on fabric, except in the case of Les Bles, the “wheat” is made out of yellow diamonds and the “silk” of brilliant-cut diamonds.

While the highlight of the collection is undoubtedly an insane 8-carat diamond ring that sparkles like no tomorrow from any angle that you look at it – we captured it twice in the gallery above, just so you can have an idea – it is an elongated brooch of yellow gold, yellow diamonds and coloured stones that deserve special mention.

Apparently, it was inspired by a painting Dali made just for Gabrielle Chanel. Like the delicate lines in the artwork, you can hardly see the settings that connect one stone to another. Intricate doesn’t even cut it. See some of our favourite pieces in the gallery above, along with snaps of an installation – currently just outside The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands! – by French artist Gad Weil that was created in conjunction with the collection.

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