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A Lesson In Advanced Layering Courtesy of NYFW

Because looking like the Michelin Man is so passé. How to layer like a pro while sticking it to the cold, right this way.

Layering is fun…until you have to do it so that you don’t die from hypothermia. Then, it becomes something as puzzling as a math problem. How do you stay warm and not look like a swaddled baby in a blanket? How do you not waste the outfit you have under that giant monster of a coat?

Enter the street style crowd at New York Fashion Week, where people are willing to reveal a sliver of an ankle or a hint of a neck in the name of fashion. The rest of the body is kept super warm, of course. Fashion shouldn’t be taken seriously, but we’re not stupid.

Before you begin layering for realsies, you need to get your basics right. Turtlenecks, thermals, heat packs and socks – the bare necessities. If you need some help, Yoyo’s tips and tricks to refusing to dress for the cold weather are all here. Now that’s settled, let the games begin.

Too cold to bare your neck? Consider dressing up your turtleneck-covered neck with a choker. We love this Gucci one.

Make your coat a boon and not a burden. An oversized, ankle-grazing trench coat is the best way to go. Just get yourself a trench coat already. This, this and this are lovely.

Everyone seems to be very into wearing their hoodies under a coat at the moment. Ear muffs be damned.

Forget beanies. Forget caps, even. Wear a beret! Leather, wool or crochet?

Belting is going to be huge in the season to come. Start early by throwing on a belt over your coats, jackets and sweaters.

A zero-effort way to stay warm while cutting the number of clothing involved? Consider the boiler suit. This Chloe one is perfect, but this and this are good too.

Insist on wearing a suit in the cold? New York gives you three options: throw on an oversized cardigan, wear a bomber jacket over the blazer for that high-low contrast or wear a hoodie in place of a shirt. Street style-approved hoodies, coming right up here, here and here.

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