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Wardrobe Lessons From The Streets of Menswear Week

We've got plenty to learn from these men (and some ladies).

During the major fashion weeks in February and September, the surrounding fervour borders on the insane. When menswear week rolls in, however, it feels like someone had hit the snooze button. Less coverage, less rah-rah, less hoo-ha. Menswear itself is not to blame for the stark contrast in interest, though. When it comes to fashun, it’s a woman’s, woman’s, woman’s world, after all.

It’d be foolish to dismiss menswear, both on the runway and on the streets as boring, though. Take the attendees of the recent menswear shows, for example. Sure, we’ve got the three-piece suits, those will always be there, but as Business of Fashion points out, the menswear wardrobe is expanding to be beyond just that. Men aren’t just spending on suits anymore. The rise of streetwear is partly to blame, no doubt. Besides, what’s so bad about a suit? Y’all know Yoyo’s a pantsuit girl, and I think a guy in a three-piece suit is fly as eff. Plus, as evidenced by the smokin’ gentlemen above, suits can be extra, extra fun when you’ve got a chest full of neckerchiefs, cravats, hats and matchy-matchy shirts and pocket squares to play around with.

With an expanded scope in menswear comes more ways to borrow from the boys. Here, we take cues from the men (and some women!) of menswear week, written as why-don’t-yous. Why don’t you…

…get a newsboy cap and pretend you’re a newsie?

…stock up on printed neckerchiefs and scarves (like this, this and this) and wear them with slogan sweaters and jumpsuits? Actually, just wear them with everything.

…a slogan sweater? Best if it looks as though you got it from a tourist gift shop.

…hop on the self-customisation bandwagon and run that Sharpie all over your denim jacket?

…treat your baggy gym pants like regular pants? If that’s too much of a commitment, these gym pants-inspired pants, over here, here, here and here, may do the trick.

…just get a trench coat already?

…carry your cross-body in the most awkward way possible? If Aymeline Valade says it’s cool, it’s cool.

…wear a basketball jersey under a double-breasted blazer and top it off with a matching cap? Putting those souvenirs from all those games to good use, eh?


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