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At Loewe, Jonathan Anderson Took Us All to A Happy Place

Lest we forget how much fun fashion can be, Jonathan Anderson serves a timely reminder by way of Loewe's Spring/Summer 2021 womenswear collection.

“We have to start loving fashion again,” said Jonathan Anderson in an interview with Vogue. “We don’t know what tomorrow’s going to bring. So let’s enjoy it!” Anderson’s optimistic purview brought us back to a time when fashion was a happy place. When designers created from a place of unbridled inspiration without the inclination to pare back their clothing for wearability.

In the wake of a global pandemic, designers have launched into an inquisition of staple wear. Perhaps, duly necessary in charting the path forward. However, Anderson, on the other hand, has grown ever so concerned about retaining fashion’s fantasy. Even a global pandemic was no match for the visionary.

“We were all in confinement when we were doing this. We had huge issues getting fabrics, so we used what we had. My brief was: Just make your fantasy of what you want! It was a massive team effort. Each look is to show craft and fashion.” Anderson divulged.

Despite the constraints brought upon by Miss Rona, Anderson continued to push creative boundaries in both the literal and figurative sense at his Spring/Summer 2021 womenswear outing at Loewe. From a show-in-a-box to a show-on-a-wall, Anderson blew up the scale of his remote show experience. Despite the proximity, the show kit immersed regular runway attendees into the collection through 16 life-sized posters, art-printed wallpaper, glue, a brush, scissors, sheet music and a beetroot scented ceramic. The message was loud and clear: just as it always has, craftsmanship takes centre stage at Loewe.

Beyond communicating that by way of the DIY project kit, Anderson’s clothes themselves were a display of the house’s unmatched workmanship. The collection’s voluminous numbers showed for it. A cocoon dress complete with a flared out puffy bottom; balloon sleeves and balloon bottoms were recurring silhouettes throughout the collection; overlays of fabric for volume added to the dramatic appeal of the garments. Presented against a backdrop of neon brights and on models caught in erratic poses, the quirky personality of the garments really shone through.

The vibrant presentation, the OTT clothes, Anderson knew just how to brighten the fashion space and coax us out of the sweatpants most of us have been living in. Be right back, we’re changing out!

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