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Louis Vuitton’s Latest Cruise Outing Is a Trip Into Another Realm

Against the backdrop of a monumental sculptural park a stone's throw away from Paris, Nicolas Ghesquiére recalled the grandiose of his cruise presentations before the global pandemic turned the world upside down.

Cruise collections at Louis Vuitton have always been quintessentially “cruise”. It’s typically one that takes the audience on trips to breathtaking destinations across the globe every season. But in the past year, adjusting to life in the midst of a global pandemic has meant deviating from runway showcases in the flesh to virtual presentations.

Now, a year on, as the world inches back to a sense of normalcy, Nicolas Ghesquiére greased the wheels for a return to conventions at Louis Vuitton’s Cruise 2022 showcase. While it wasn’t the much-anticipated return back to physical showings with attendees, the fashion film recalled the grandeur of Vuitton’s Cruise presentations but without veering too far off home ground.

Ghesquiére transported his virtual audience to Axe Majeur, a sprawling sculpture park a stone’s throw away from Paris. Time stood still there. And in typical Ghesquiére fashion, he traversed through the past, present, and into the future near and far. There was a keen sense of optimism that the collection projected. OTT feathered sleeves, embellished cocktail dresses that could render a disco ball useless, a liberal hand with prints throughout…it was a return to joyous dressing.

“There’s a jubilance to it,” said Ghesquiére.

We certainly felt it. The dreams were alive again. Inspect the minute details of the collection and you’d notice the nods to space travel imbued throughout. Circular silver pockets that gave futuristic nods to the season’s coats, the use of vinyl popularised by French designer André Courrèges, and padded quilting borrowed from an astronaut’s uniform. Blasting off to space in 3…2…1…

Ghesquiére might have his sight set on space when travel becomes a way of life again but where will you be headed to first?

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