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At Louis Vuitton, It Was About Cowboys, The Victorian Era And Outer Space

In a Louis Vuitton galaxy (not so) far, far away, past, present and future, shearling, corsets and tech prints, all come together under Ghesquiere's thumb.

A glimpse into the futuristic world has always been what Nicolas Ghesquière brought to the runway. This time, he brought a spaceship to the Louvre, along with a generous mixing of the past, present and the future together in one collection. Different styles from different eras were plucked and mashed together tastefully, with each piece still very wearable.

The first look started with what seems like a continuation from the Spring 2018 collection, with hints of the Victorian era spilling over as minute details like gold trimmings and buttons. It slowly transitioned into the bolo tie – also known as the strings you’d see on a cowboy’s shirt – which was one of the many wild west semblance that was incorporated into the pieces. We’re talking fringe, shearling coats, plenty of leather and embroidered patterns that look like the spikes found on cowboy boots. Other recognisable things from other eras included peplum tops, houndstooth and vintage-looking chain belts, all of which were very prominent icons.

Keeping in line with his spaceship stage – one that resembled the pointy ends of the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars – Ghesquière used oversized sleeves with layers of colour blocked fabric, choosing hues that resembled uniforms out of an original Star Trek episode. (Both Star fandoms represented, everyone can breathe easy now.) Each shirt also had an LV logo that looked like it came from a galaxy far, far, away, too: very geometric-esque, like the shapes found on the shirts. Towards the end of the collection, the outfits progressed into evening looks with satin finishes and glittery draped fabrics. Corset belts in the same geometric patterns and colours were used to tie it all together, bringing a little bit of casualness to the night looks.

Boxy vintage bags were tucked into the arms of the models, the kind that had a top handle on. Some of them were made from prints that look like the inside of a computer, while others came in various exotic skins. The Alma and Papillon bag were given a makeover, now covered with the trimmings of a trunk. An updated Mary-Jane shoe and super long gloves were also seen, as well as chunky necklaces and pearl drop earrings.

Ghesquière has proven, once again, that mixing and matching unexpected pieces would result in something magnificent. The collection was smart, well-planned and well-executed, leaving the audience with a lasting impression in their heads. If there’s something we know, is that he sure knows what women want to wear, serving pizzazz and practicality in equal measure.

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