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The Past, Present and Future Collapse Into One at Louis Vuitton

According to Nicolas Ghesquière, time is but an illusion and we are entirely buying into the notion.

Have you ever thought about how the history books would document the way people dress in this era that we currently live in? What would the present look like to the future? Even if you hadn’t thought about it, we have the answers for you courtesy of Nicolas Ghesquière.

“I wanted to imagine what could happen if the past could look at us,” revealed Ghesquière in an interview with Vogue. You could pin the designer’s contemplation of the past, present and future to his earlier appointment as the co-chair of this year’s Met gala themed About Time: Fashion and Duration. At Louis Vuitton’s Fall/Winter 2020, we sat through a history class in fashion wide-eyed with curiosity.

An astounding 200 characters formed the backdrop of the presentation, each dressed in historical garb dated anywhere between the 15th century to 1950. We caught ourselves letting out a collective gasp at the sheer breath of inventory presented before us. And that was but one of the many instances throughout the show when we had to hold back our reactions. Where an understanding of the past in pivotal in moving forward, Ghesquière had so very cleverly collapsed the past, present and future into one showing.

It is no secret that he has a knack for launching guests into the future at his presentations for Louis Vuitton. What set this collection apart from the others, however, was the genius ways in which Ghesquière collapsed the timelines into a collection of 46 looks. Tulle skirts blown up in proportion; a top that read “I Still Breathe the Past”; sequinned slip dresses from another era. These references from the yesteryears met Ghesquière’s sportswear sensibilities drawn from the world of motorsports. At first thought, the collection is an unlikely collision of entirely disparate worlds but seeing it come together, it all just made sense!

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