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We’re Filling Our Suitcases With Everything Louis Vuitton for Summer

Packing our suitcases in one hand and keeping our *fingers crossed* on the other for this summer to actually happen.

After more than a year of  recycling fond memories of travel from our photo albums, pining for a much-needed holiday respite, we finally have caught glimpse of the light at the end of the tunnel. With vaccinations against Miss Rona rolled out across the globe, there’s some semblance of normalcy that has set in. And a vacay is no longer just a pipe dream.

Summer’s finally calling and we’re not waiting to answer. While the world sorts itself out, we’re wasting no time. The first order of business? Putting together those vaycay outfits of course. It’s not just another regular getaway, it’s THE post-Rona hurrah and those sweatpants we’ve been in living for months, it’s coming off.

Louis Vuitton delivers the same optimism we feel coursing through our beings with a sprightly summer capsule that has us wanting to get right to packing. Ombré hues reminiscent of Italian sunsets in Capri, matching monogrammed bikinis and swim shorts, holiday-appropro bodysuits to go straight to dinner from frolicking in the sea. You already know these are going to be the Instagram stars of the season.

Now, excuse us as we continue dreaming about summer and put mentally put together our packing list. Scroll through the gallery for immaculate vacation vibes courtesy of Louis Vuitton.

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