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Inside Louis Vuitton’s Electrifying LV Volt Fine Jewellery Collection

The maison's second and latest collection by Francesca Amfitheatrof will have you buzzing with excitement.

As much as seasonal jewellery trends are fun to dip your toes into, at some point, you’d deviate towards building a collection you can keep in rotation for a long, long time. And you don’t necessarily need very many of these, you just have to be discerning with the pieces you pick out. Think: Timeless yet modern. Classic yet in vogue. Distinguishable in design yet subtle.

Louis Vuitton’s latest fine jewellery offering, coined the LV Volt, checks all the aforementioned boxes. It’s a feat the maison’s artistic director of watches and jewellery Francesca Amfitheatrof has expertly pulled off since the time of her tenure. The expansive five-part graphic collection comprising of LV One, LV Multi, LV Curb Chain, LV Mesh and LV Upside Down continues to push the envelope on fine jewellery.

Throughout the collection, the maison’s initials take centre stage as key motifs rendered in an array of permutations. For instance, LV Mesh reveals the initials “L” and “V” stacked to form fluid meshes. While, LV One, on the other hand, evokes a sense of simple elegance with a straight-forward design with the alphabets set at its core.

There’s plenty of room to play around with the collection, be it stacking the rings or layering the chains. Of course, Yoyo’s got you covered with all the style inspiration you might need here. You’d never have to take these off if you don’t want to.

LV Volt One Small Pendant Yellow Gold And Diamond


LV Volt Upside Down Bracelet Rose Gold


LV Volt Upside Down Bracelet Rose Gold


LV Volt Multi-Ring Silver

LV Volt Upside Down Earrings Yellow Gold, White Gold And Diamonds


LV Volt Upside Down Pendant Pink Gold

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