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At Max Mara, the City Girl Journeys Through a Sea Expedition

Ahoy there! We hop right on board as Max Mara takes off on a romantic voyage across the seas for its Fall/Winter 2020 collection.

Every time we go into a Max Mara showing, we kinda, sort of have an idea of the story set to unfold on the runway. With Ian Griffith’s collections for Max Mara, there is always a sense of familiarity. And we don’t mean this is in a i-want-to-hit-the-snooze-button kind of fashion. Season after season, we remain wide-eyed in anticipation of the reinvention of classic, heritage pieces that we so dearly love.  How will the Teddy coat be reinvented yet again? What silhouette would the maison’s tailored separates take this time round? What irresistible additions are going to join the existing line-up of carryalls?

For Fall/Winter 2020, Griffith looked to the ocean for inspiration. “The ocean is a potent metaphor for the for the human condition; hazard and hope, love and longing, valour and vaingloriousness. Tales of ships and sailors are universal,” read the show notes. Zooming in on the specifics, the designer dreamt of a romantic voyage that began in Russia and headed north towards Russia. These were the very key themes that were observable throughout the collection.

The nautical theme came through in ropes that sat in place of belts on trousers and coats and threaded along the necklines of velvet dresses; black-on-beige stripes that showed itself on the house’s revered Teddy coat and the knitwear sweaters; and duffle bags fit for an adventure. Romance, on the other hand, was imbued by the abundance of frills and flounces that lent a flair of femininity to the strict silhouette of suits and otherwise masculine bomber jackets.

Time and again, Griffiths delivers in staying true to the longstanding heritage of the house all while rendering it desirable to a whole new generation of clientele. It’s clear where the Max Mara fleet is headed and we’re hopping right on board!

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