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Strong, Powerful Women Reigned On Max Mara’s Spring Runway

Minimal and beautifully tailored, with some surprises along the way, the Italian brand presented a bevy of women who aren't afraid to take charge.

Ever since the explosion of the now-iconic Teddy Coat that flooded Instagram, the fashion world has had its eyes on Max Mara even more than the past. A brand with pieces that can be worn across generations and passed on from mother to daughter to granddaughter is hard to come by. Timeless, classic with exceptional quality and full of heritage are all words and phrases that can be used to describe the brand, and in a time where fashion seems so turbulent and unsettling, constant is good.

So when the models graced the runway during the houses’ Spring/Summer 2019 show, you can bet that mouths were left slightly ajar, eyes wide open and camera ready to fire. The collection featured earth tones that consisted of browns, olives and work-appropriate blacks, greys and whites, though not with the surprising exception of  bright, sunny-side up yellow that brought a refreshing pop of colour. It’s not to say that the “safer” colours were not refreshing, though.

The looks that came down featured oversized blazers, lacquered outerwear and wide leg trousers that ended just at the knee. As always, the house leaned towards a conservative style, and most of the looks kept the amount of exposed skin at a minimum. A closer look would reveal the unexpected layering of a one shoulder top and a jacket over, leaving just a smidgen of bare skin that adds to the light and breezy look. Silhouettes were so flattering, accentuated by models coming down the runway with hands gingerly placed on the hips. These women, who all seemed so confident, sure, powerful yet undeniably womanly, were for the lack of a better word, fierce. See above for the looks we couldn’t stop talking about.

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