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The MBFWA Digest: Day 3 & 4

You hear that? That's the sound of holes being burnt into our wallets.

Day 3 and 4 of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia left a severe impact on our mental wish lists. Let’s just say that the list just got way, way, way longer. The Aussie designers – and the few non-Aussie ones who made guest appearances – just get it, you know?

The middle leg of the week started with Manning Cartell at the gloriously picturesque Milsons Point, a little spot under Harbour Bridge with the Sydney Opera House lurking in the background. Extra brownie points for the location. Considering that it was a 9 AM show which left us no time to grab coffee, the morning sun gave a much needed pick-me-up. It also did plenty for the collection, which featured beautifully sequinned and silky looks in golden yellows, whites, red and blue.

Macgraw was responsible for bringing the girly to the Sydney stage. With a giant pink house as the backdrop, Macgraw’s girls came down the runway in flouncy ruffles and florals with big doll hair and smiles to match. It was happy, it was sweet and it was damn adorable. Alice McCall too was on a girly streak, but her ruffles, lace and tassels erred on the side of sexy and naughty with nose rings adding that roguish touch.

If you’re talking about theatricality, no one brought it as much as Romance Was Born. First, the show location: a beautiful, slightly unreal gothic house in Darling Point. Second, the clothes. Sequinned seahorses and parrots, an explosion of fringe, giant ruffles and psychedelic feathers. It was pure maximalism, to hell with commercial viability. Kit Willow Podgornik of the barely one-year-old KitX too scored brownie points with her location choice of Paddington Reservoir, but even more points with her draped silks and cloak dresses. It was very Rey from Star Wars – and you guys already know what big Star Wars fans we are. And if you needed more evidence of how big shiny silk dresses are going to be in the coming seasons, Bec & Bridge is your final cue to stock up.

You know you can always count on C/MEO Collective for easy everyday pieces that are just as easy on the wallet. This season, it was all about blush tones and whites on modified blazers and trench coats. Classics with a twist. Bianca Spender and Christopher Esber appealed to our inner minimalist with clean pieces that revealed a hint of drama: halter necks and bralets with next-to-nothing backs, trousers with ample leg room and tailored suits with nothing else underneath. These are the pieces to want.

Now, you know the drill. Which collection stood out the most for you? (P.S.: Don’t forget to read our recap of Day 1 and 2 here.)

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