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How To Dress This Week According To Sydney’s Best

Take copious notes.

Ah, the almost-start of a new month.

One of the best things about fashion week, apart from the shows and the sheer rush of it all, are the people who attend it. If you’re having the wardrobe equivalent of a writer’s block, people-watching outside show venues is your best cure. (Don’t forget your sunglasses, though. Very, very important people-watching tool.)

Hence, before we close the chapter on Fashion Week Australia, we feel that it’s fitting to check out the styling lessons that the Aussie crowd has to offer. A new month is upon us, after all, and adding on the start of a new season – it’s technically summer all year round where we are, but as it has been especially hot AND rainy this past week, we’re treating the change as the mark of a new season, we’ll take what we can get – what better time to rethink day-to-day style?

Let’s look at our options.

Have an oversized white shirt? Leave the first three buttons unbuttoned, pull it back to an almost-off-shoulder and dress your neck with a scarf that’s pretending to be a choker.

Got a slip dress that you can’t stop wearing? Throw it over a striped turtleneck or a printed t-shirt. Alternatively, take scarf from previous look and tie it cowboy style to up the off-duty factor. Finish with a backpack for maj off-duty points because regular bags are so not off-duty.

Now, that printed t-shirt. Try wearing it over aforementioned white shirt, or tuck it into some super high-waisted flare denims or a ridiculously shiny skirt.

That floral-print grandma shirt with the short sleeves that you can’t figure out? Dress it up with a flippy fringed skirt.

And since we’re on the topic of dressing things up, how about a strapless date-night dress over your go-to flare pants? Or a long black blazer buttoned over a silky slip dress? Not one but TWO day-to-night options. Wowee.

So, do we have your week covered? Yes? Good. *insert smiley face with sunglasses emoji*

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