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Michael Kors Takes Us All to the Rodeo Where the Country Meets the City

Giddy up! With riding boots, ponchos and plaid dresses, it's a trip to the Wild Wild West.

Inside the Michael Kors show venue, the runway was set with raw wood planks and on the periphery, stood a stage built from the same said wood. If his Pre-Fall 2020 outing was anything to go by, the arena’s mise-en-scène hinted at a continuation of the same narrative for Fall/Winter 2020. In the former collection, Kors looked to the West for design inspiration. For Fall/Winter 2020, his gaze remained fixed on the country side.

Before the show began, Canadian country crooner Orville Peck – face concealed behind his signature fringe Lone Ranger mask – took his position on the stage. As he commenced his serenade, the models sauntered down what you could consider Kors’ contemporary barn. A strong equestrian influence coursed through the collection. The capes, the ponchos, the plaid, the paisley, the riding boots that grounded most of the season’s looks and if it weren’t any more apparent that Kors was taking us to the countryside on an expressway, a cow print coat belted in at the waist was a dead giveaway.

Beyond the cosmetic, Kors’ inclination towards the West was fuelled by a desire to escape the relentless hustle and bustle of the city. “We all dream of escaping into the country. But it’s not a reality for how we live. Right now, fashion that makes you feel protected, a sense of cosiness, we associate with things from the country,” said Kors in an interview with British Vogue. The extensive line-up of enveloping, warm outerwear also find reason within these perimeters as explained by the designer himself.

Kors’ quintessential city girl may be on a trip to the countryside but she hasn’t entirely left her urban sensibilities behind. The well-established balance between the city and the countryside is exactly what makes the collection feel so desirable, perhaps even to the contemporary woman who might not have an affinity for the slow, barn life. There is an unmistakable sense of polish in the pieces. You can observe Kors’ tailoring prowess in the way that the capes frame the shoulders, the movement of the asymmetrically cut silhouettes, the precise proportion of each piece…we would keep rattling off in awe, really.

What also stood out was Kors’ play on materiality this season. Leather, shearling, knit – you name it and chances are Kors would have worked in into the collection. The shearling coat, a look fit for a G.O.A.T (as the kids say it these days), in particular has already found its way onto our wish list!

In more ways than one, the Fall/Winter 2020 collection was born out of the eponymous designer’s deep contemplation of the cultural zeitgeist. Sustainability, too, weighed heavily on the designer’s mind. The venue’s raw wood planks were to be donated to the Materials for the Arts post-show. And Kors was clearly interested in building a wardrobe that a woman would wear for years and pass on to the generations after. A Michael Kors coat for an heirloom? We’re entirely enthused by the idea!

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