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Follow Me To Shanghai: The Walk, The City & Michael Kors

From temples to parties, these girls weren't my only travel companions. Meet Sofie, the new smartwatch from Michael Kors. In partnership with Michael Kors.

When you think about Michael Kors, you think about the Jet Set. Across the last year, I’ve been from New York to Singapore to London with Michael Kors with our most recent destination being bustling Shanghai, the Chinese city that never sleeps.

While I was there to attend “The Walk” party at Expo I-Pavillion – believe me when I say that Michael Kors knows how to throw a killer party – a surprise also came in the form of a mini tour of Shanghai. The city’s hotspots like Xin Tian Di and the French Concession, a 20-course meal at a private dining club, climbing all the way to the top of the Jing An Temple – having my friends there made everything that much more fun.

The ladies weren’t my only travel companions: I also had Sofie, the newest smartwatch from Michael Kors. It is exactly the kind of technology that makes you go, “Woah, welcome to the future.”

For starters, you can figure how it all works in minutes. Just link it up to your phone and the watch does the rest from appointment reminders to beeping you when you have a new text, email or even a call. That means not having to constantly whip out your phone to check for updates and more hands-free grooving on the dance floor. What’s more, besides being the prettiest smartwatch you’ll ever see, the watch face can be customised. You can choose from the various digital faces or pluck an image from your Instagram.

The watch also acts as a mini personal assistant. For instance, you can ask it how far a certain place is. (A bunch of us were little lost getting to our dinner venue at Xi Xi Bistro at Xin Tian Di, so this feature came in handy.) Need suggestions on where to go next? Sure. Need to pull out a picture from the web? Sure.

I’ve also been into tracking the number of steps I take each day – gotta hit those 10,000 steps – and Sofie makes that quite easy. I kept checking my smartwatch on the day of our temple visit to see if I hit my goal because let me tell you, it was a trek up to the peak. The priest said it was six floors, but it felt like ten. That view when we reached the top, though? Can’t complain. Plus, steps!

Here’s another bonus fact: the watch can also act as a translator i.e. essentially your new travelling best friend. Just ask the person to speak into it, the watch picks it up and translates what he or she said into your desired language. I didn’t have to use this function in Shanghai – I speak Mandarin – but I’m definitely going to test it out at my next destination.

Ah Sofie, you and me are going to go places. Click through the gallery above for some of my favourite moments from the trip, featuring the Bancroft bag, some serious party-ready Michael Kors looks and of course, Sofie the smartwatch.

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