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The Do-Everything Bag You’ll Be Thankful For This Holiday Season

We love our micros, but for days where going practical is necessary, the Mercer bag ticks all the boxes. In partnership with Michael Kors.

Now, let’s fast forward to you in a couple of weeks. You’re at the holiday party, you’re sipping champagne – not staining too many flutes, we hope – and you’re chowing down some lovely canapés. You’ve got some sparkle on your person, from your makeup to your dress to your shoes, but what of your bag?

Clutches have long been the ideal dinner party bag, but when you’ve got a plate in one hand and a glass of golden bubbly in the other, the clutch isn’t the most practical of options. What about the micro cross-body? It’s small, so it won’t get in the way as you move from one conversation circle to another. You get to go hands-free, too. And honestly, micros are just the darn cutest. They’re like the kittens of bags, basically.

But, what if you get party favours? What if you’re coming from work and that micro isn’t big enough to hold your necessities? So, here’s a suggestion: keep the party sparkle, keep the practical straps, but go a size up. Add that altogether and you get the Mercer from Michael Kors.

Now, here’s a party bag that makes sense if we ever saw one. The Mercer has a clean and minimal silhouette, so that guarantees versatility both on and off party season. That already is a big tick. It is also roomy enough for your necessities, from your brick of a wallet to the name cards you’ll be handing out –and then some more. Can you say day to night? Tick.

Its expandable form also means you get to sneak in a little bottle of rosé if you’re feeling cheeky. (Hey, nothing wrong with a prep tipple, okay?) Yet, it’s not so big that it’ll bump awkwardly against your hip as you walk or get in the way of everything when you sling it on your arm. Everything is all perfectly measured out. Tick, tick, tick.

Oh, wait, did we mention that it is also very, very shiny? There’s silver, there’s gold, and then there’s a patchwork alternative for those who like a pop of detail. It’s all textured metallics, guaranteed to gleam under the holiday lights. If that’s not enough shine, the holiday edition of the Mercer features a chunky strap decked with oversized metal grommets. Very rock ‘n’ roll. TICK. Practical party goers, consider your ultimate holiday party bag found.

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