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The “Millennial French Girl” Look Is Trending And We’re Really Here For It

And nope, you don't need the beret and baguette for it, though you absolutely can go knee-deep in that fantasy if you so please.

The French know effortless. They even invented a phrase for it: je ne sais quoi. While there are just too many French women that capture that essence to name, none sum it up quite succinctly like the original of the originals – honorary French girl Jane Birkin.

With her perfectly tousled hair and penchant for simple jewellery, cropped jeans, “not quite flats, not quite heels” shoes and that iconic basket bag, Birkin was the ship that launched a wave of style influence that would last decades and decades. With the return of the basket bag – how many seasons is it now? – and the search for ease, even for personal style, in this riotous times, the fabled French girl reigns as the aesthetic of choice, but updated for today. It’s a look that is simple, comfortable, youthful, perhaps even permanently summery, even with the coats and long lengths on.

There is a sort of formula to it. An itty bitty top that could include a puffy sleeve, ruffle, polka dots or knitted rib texture. The bottom? Almost always cropped. Accessories have to be easy, too, of course. Slip-ons and never too high, for this is a girl who loves to talk in the city. Bags are kept small but are unexpectedly roomy on the inside, like Mary Poppins, y’all. The one thing that always remains despite the season? Checks, checks, checks.

It’s easy, but when worn with an attitude that says you just don’t care – and the comfort that you feel shines through – it has the potential to turn heads. We’ve got this on repeat.


The Itty Bitty Tops



Keep It Cropped 


“Forever Summer” Bags, But Tiny


The In-between Heels

Change It Up, According To You



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