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Millie Bobby Brown Could Teach A Masterclass On The Subject Of Cool

The leading lady of "Stranger Things" can pull off everything from a buzzcut to Louis Vuitton to Giamba. Need I remind you that she's just thirteen?

Every once in a while, we come across a very young person that makes us question what the heck we’ve been doing in the last decade or so. Why weren’t we ever that cool throughout our teenaged years? Will we ever attain a quarter of said coolness exemplified by said cool teen? So many questions, not enough answers.

But you know what we have the answer to? Millie Bobby Brown’s outfit credits from the year so far and the answer to whether or not the actress is possibly the coolest teenager on the small screen, to which we say a resounding “YES!”

Let’s talk about her role on Netflix’s Stranger Things. If you haven’t at least seen a trailer from it, do it, like, now. Brown plays the psychokinetic buzzcut-sporting Eleven who has the ability to open portals to other dimensions. She disables grown men and demogorgons with just a stare on some days, eats convenience store waffles on other days. You’ll root for her, you’ll pity her, you’ll wish that she just gets out of an episode alive. Brown’s portrayal hits everyone in the feels so much that she’s one of the youngest people ever to be nominated for an Emmy. Cool. Cool, cool, cool.

Then, there’s her off-screen persona. Apparently, she raps. There’s that one time she rather hilariously shut down Stephen Colbert’s admittedly feeble attempt at a joke. She’s a witty kid. She was also one of the first to front the campaign for Raf Simons’ Calvin Klein By Appointment. She hung out with Nicolas Ghesquiere – who cannot make his love for Stranger Things any more obvious – one time in Paris.

Finally, there’s her wardrobe, which runs the gamut from pink-on-pink and tulle to black leather dresses and short suits. Calvin Klein, Louis Vuitton, Rodarte and Giamba preferred. That striped Louis Vuitton dress with the chunky sneakers and skinny sunglasses casually worn halfway down the nose? Can’t get over it.

Brown’s varied but polished choices make her other peers in Tinseltown look – dare I say it – kind of… basic. And she’s not yet fourteen! Her wardrobe come across as carefully considered. Cute is out of the equation, replaced with class and more than a few smidgens of edge. These are grown-up clothes for sure, but handled in a manner that you know she’s still a teenager who isn’t growing up too fast. If you find yourself taking style cues from Brown, you’re not alone. There’s just something about her looks that fit a wide range of women. Stranger Things is just getting started and we’re readying ourselves for more of Brown’s brand of cool in the years to come.

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