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How To Wear A Mini Skirt In The Cold And Live To Tell The Tale

Yes, we're going there for the sake of vanity. If you're game to bare your legs in the cold, we show you how to do it without freezing your derriere off.

Goodbye fall and hello winter. If you’re headed out on a trip to a colder region where the temperature’s single digit and FREEZING, you wouldn’t even think of reaching for that mini skirt you wore all summer long. Except, girls being girls, we like to push our limits when it comes to vanity. If there’s a girl out there wearing skirts in 10 degree-celsius weather, we like to believe that we can do the same.

Unfortunately, we’re not all accustomed to cold weather. We also all don’t have the same tolerance for cold. We could just settle for longer (read: warmer) skirts, but obviously we like our options, which brings us to here. Thing is, wearing mini skirts in the cold is entirely possible, but like the idea of double coating, you have to make sense about it.

Of course, if it is literally freezing out there, snow and icicles forming on the trees kind of cold, vanity is out of the window. However, on other occasions, especially right now with the just-right fall temperatures, we’re down with a little experimenting. If you plan to hold on to your horde of mini skirts for as long as you can, here’s how you can wear them without turning into a block of ice. Don’t forget the heat pads.

#1: Mini Skirt + Leggings

We’re sure this is the outfit you’ve already thought of. There’s a reason why it’s so popular. Mini skirts are meant to show off your legs, and what better way is there than to pull on a pair of slimming opaque leggings. Albeit, it is a little run-of-the-mill, but we prefer to call it a classic. Consider materials like vinyl or leather over cotton, because they’re guaranteed to keep the cold out.

Tibi Glossed wool-blend mini skirt (shop it here) | Falke Pure Matt 100 denier tights (shop it here)


#2: Mini Skirt + Thigh High Boots

Completely opposed towards leggings under skirts? Us, too. Thigh high boots are your best part – go for full leather – and can be super warm if you wear warm socks on the inside. If your boots happen to insulate nothing, the secret to survival is the combination of heat packs and insulating materials like wool and fleece socks. If all else fails, double up those socks too.

Carven Checked wool-blend mini skirt (shop it here) | Balmain Amazone suede and leather over-the-knee boots (shop it here)


#3: Mini Skirt + Pants

No, this is not a fashion faux pas. You can look stylish and chic with pants underneath. Our rule? Keep a monochromatic theme, as it’ll pull your look together and make your outfit look more classy. Your thermal wear makes the most difference, coupled with a few heat packs on your lower back, stomach and inside your boots. You heard us right – in your boots because our feet and hands ice up the fastest. Get them warm and you have a quarter of the battle won.

Nanushka Cascade faux leather mini skirt (shop it here) | Max Mara Pegno stretch-jersey tapered pants (shop it here


#4: Mini Skirt + Big Jacket

If you’re not covering your legs, get something else that will. A big wool coat that reaches all the way to your ankles would help to block the cold gushes of wind from reaching your legs. The best part about this? It doubles up as a blanket when you’re seated, so that you can continue feeling nice and toasty in your own coat.

Miu Miu Embellished Cady Mini Skirt (shop it here) | Alice + Olivia Angela crepe coat (shop it here)

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