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Miuccia Prada’s Latest Menswear Show Proves That Fashion Is Still Very Much Alive

Frankenstein, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, countless belts, buckles and utilitarian pockets – and so much more. Where do we even begin?

This is a true story. Early Monday, I found myself listening to a podcast that dissected the soundtrack of classic monster movies of the 20th Century, among which were Dracula and Frankenstein. So, when it became apparent later that day that Miuccia Prada’s latest menswear collection was inspired in part by Mary Shelley’s iconic monster, the whole thing felt like an eerie sort of providence.

Mrs. Prada’s latest triumph, however, and despite its source material, is anything but eerie. The more fitting word to use is electric, both in the literal – what with the lightning bolt and electricity prints – and figurative sense of the word. There is so much to pick apart here, and like Dr. Frankenstein, we do it with eager, devious pleasure.

The world-famous monster manifests through a myriad of vibrant prints on skirts and shirts – notice the hands and roses with bolts at the sides – but the reference goes beyond the surface. He, though a magnificent thing of horror, desperately sought love and companionship.

This mix of toughness and fragility comes to form in so many of the show’s winning looks: pastel shirts and pleated skirts with floral embellishments are paired with sharp blazers and buckles, marshmallow knits under utilitarian bustiers and skirts, crisp shirts and even more belts and buckles. Some of the boxy knits even had knitted hearts pinned to the chest. Very cute. An all-black strapless dress covered in utilitarian pockets – sure to pass for eveningwear among Mrs. Prada’s ardent fans, us included – sums up this back-and-forth quite perfectly in its simplicity.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show was a point of reference, too, which may explain the countless body harnesses, belts and buckles, the striking red and pink boots, and maybe even the corsets. Dr. Frank N. Furter would eat these up in a heartbeat.

Stripping away the story-telling, though, and we have a collection full of statement yet extremely wearable pieces that check off so many boxes for Prada fans of every kind. Deliciously well-tailored coats and suits, striking accessories that are sure to be snapped up in due course and plenty for both menswear and womenswear, all cleverly and meticulously styled. What a feast.

The current state of the fashion industry may feel rocky and a little uncertain, but at least in Mrs. Prada corner, it’s alive. If this is menswear, we cannot wait to see what she has planned for the womenswear show come February. Like any good monster flick, we guarantee that we will be at the edge of our seats.

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