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Fashion Week Awards: Notable Arm Candy

Like, did you see that bag? And that bag? If getting a new bag isn't on the top of your wish list after this, we salute you and your self-discipline.

Y’all, the past few weeks have been crazy. There was so much happening on the runways, and we’ve been so busy playing catch up. Sometimes, a girl’s gotta kick back and unwind a little – by looking at more pretty things, that is. I believe the Chinese idiom for a situation like this roughly translates to “fight poison with poison”. Thankfully, the streets has given us plenty of poison fodder, as well as Instagram ideas to up our #OOTD game. I mean, have you seen these shoes?

As every girl knows, shoes set our hearts aflutter, but what else do we gravitate towards? That’s right, the bags. We’ve playfully crowned a few of our favourites with awards we believe they deserve, from New York to Milan to Paris. And if you feel just ever so slightly inclined to bag yourself a new one, read and shop our guide of the season’s new It girl bags here.

“One For The Bucket List” Award

#Literally. But seriously, we love a bag that allows you to see everything in it at once.


“Most Expensive Rip-Off” Award

I know this has been oft made fun of for resembling Thai market bags, but it is something the world is not going to get over for years. Oh, Balenciaga.


“Class Head for Environment” Award

Remember that season where Jil Sander made everyone want to use brown lunch bags and transparent plastic bags as actual bags? This little lady looks like she’s trying to bring that back. With her name in Sharpie, too!


“Most Well-Prepared Napper” Award

Too much Netflix binging last night means sleeping while waiting for the shows to start. Why not, right? (Fun Fact: The pillow was a door gift from Etro’s Fall/Winter 2017 show. We would have snagged ours if our luggage could take it.)


“#Blessed” Award

Wearing your heart on your sleeve is too passe – carry it as your bag instead. Also, that combination of yellow and red is truly a-okay.


“Knot Your Usual Clutch” Award

There’s knotting better than this to tie your look together. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist). And yes, another Balenciaga bag. So sue us!


“Most Wanted” Award

We just had to slip this in somewhere because we need that cylindrical Loewe bag. Not want – need. Do you understand?


“Go Big or Go Home” Award

Okay, gurl, you win this one. Who can fight that?


Photos: Phil Oh/Vogue.com, Diego Zuko/Harper’s Bazaar US, theimpression.com

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