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15 Must-Haves from the Gucci x Disney Collaboration

An adult appropriate Mickey Mouse-themed collection courtesy of Alessandro Michele that will have you feeling like a kid again.

If you have visited any one of the six Disneylands spread across the globe, you would know exactly why it’s the happiest place on Earth. It’s a no-judgement zone where people can truly let their freak flags fly high. You could be decked out head to toe in Mickey Mouse garb and no one would shoot questionable glances your way. Ah, the magic of Disneyland.

But out in the real world, adult Disney crazies have little choice but to curb their enthusiasm. But the ones who have had to keep their Mickey Mouse obsession on the down low now have reasons to rejoice. As this year marks the year of the mouse on the Chinese zodiac calendar, there is no better time than now to celebrate Disney’s iconic mascot. If you needed an excuse Disney fans, here you have it.

We’ve seen a good number of Disney capsule collaborations emerge in the last few months but the clear winner for us: the Gucci x Disney collection. When the Italian powerhouse sent down a 3D-printed top-handle Mickey Mouse bag at it’s Spring/Summer 2019 showcase, Disney fans hankered after the possibility of a full-blown collab. Cue the squeals!

The latest Gucci and Disney collaboration sees the famous mouse on everything from clothing, shoes to accessories. Alessandro Michele shows just how a Mickey Mouse-themed collection can be totally adult-appropriate AND wearable on the daily. Disneyland might be the happiest place on Earth but with this collection in stores, we’d say the Gucci boutiques follow close in line. It was an impossible task to pick our favourites but alas, as our pockets only run so deep, we picked 15 items we will be taking from the parks to the streets.

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