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Dear Nabile, The Street Scene Just Won’t Be The Same Without You

Here, we pay tribute to the late street style photographer whose talent and passion were matched only by his infectious energy and sense of humour. We'll miss you.

The fashion week scene can get rather intense. People are yelling, people are rushing to get to shows, the traffic surrounding the crowd is relentless and sometimes all that is coupled with biting cold and rain. Things can get quite tense. Frowns, short tempers and stressed faces all around. But, there was always one person in a crowd of hundreds that fashion week goers could count on to put a spring back into their steps, and that was Nabile Quenum, or simply, Nabile.

His genuineness was matched only by his sense of humour. In fact, the first thing he ever said to me made me laugh. We were at one of my first few shows ever – I was stressed and must have looked it – where he gave me a hilarious nickname that he would continue to use in the two years that followed whenever we saw each other in Milan and Paris.

Nabile almost always had something funny to say, but more than that, he was someone who was truly down to earth, ready to take more than a minute or two to chat. His energy and smile were infectious. He was one of the well-known ones, but he had no airs about him. Not a hint of arrogance. You looked for him in a crowd, because you know he is going to return it with a cheeky “Ciao!” or grin.

And boy, was he passionate. I recall him literally sprinting down ahead of Yoyo once in Paris, just so that he could get to the street opposite well before she did to snap that perfect photo. It is funny how he manages to be all around and also right next to you in the middle of all the chaos. He had some fast feet.

He also had an undeniably good eye. Nabile was easily one of the best dressed photographers on the streets – it is not surprising to find his face in street style compilations – but more importantly, he took properly good photos. We were waiting together outside the Valentino show in Paris when he got to talking about how he sought out the different elements of his photographs and how he liked to match the subject to the backdrop. He knew exactly what he was doing. He wasn’t just another guy with a camera.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for the laughs, conversations and beautiful photos. I will remember all our hilarious, oftentimes nonsensical banters. Your absence at the fashion weeks to come will be deeply felt by everyone who has ever had the privilege of crossing paths with you. You are gone too soon and far too young, but your legacy lives on. Farewell, my friend.

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