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How To Nail the Double Bag Look IRL

Ditch them paper bags already. This is for all the times you've ever had to lug your house in your bag and spent a lifetime looking for your keys.

We don’t know how we conformed to the rule of one bag per look, but it has been this way since the beginning of time. But what if you have, you know, your life to carry along with you? Those office snacks! Your after-hours fancy shoes for drinks with the girls! Does this all go into a random paper bag that will probably not go with whatever you’re wearing but could also tear along the way? How about just your plain old laptop? Do you have to carry a – god forbid – laptop bag?

So many questions, so many dilemmas for a solution that is so simple: carry two bags. No, one doesn’t have to be a paper bag or a lumpy canvas tote bag or recyclable market bag. We’re saying carry two, proper, good bags that will go with your lewk.

Because we’re not very organised people, it gets really annoying when you carry one large bag and then have to spend time digging for your keys, wallet, phone, earphones, metro card and so on and so forth. Tinier bags, though more aesthetically pleasing and easier to carry around, aren’t the most practical for the girl on the move. Hence, two bags. With a small one and a big one, you can keep your essentials accessible and the rest of your junk in an easy and equally good-looking tote. Better than paper bags that bite into your skin, am I right?

The trick to pairing them bags together is to think of balance. Have one small, and one big, so that it doesn’t look like you’re selling bags on the street or carrying someone else’s load. There are myriads of possibilities out there for you to pair and experiment with. So take a little inspiration from the gallery above – and don’t be afraid to use plenty of colours.

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