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New Year, New Sustainable Sweatsuit Sensibilities

Guilt-free loungewear to tide through Miss Rona's (hopefully) final trip around the globe.

We’ve rang in the new year. Turned the pages on another chapter. Erased 2020 from our memories – for the most part, at least. We’re taking only the good, the lessons, and not forgetting, our sweatpants with us into 2021. Life did not automatically reset itself at the stroke of midnight. Miss Rona did not tip her hat, take her bow, or make an exit but we can almost see the light at the end of the tunnel.

As Pfizer makes its way around the globe, we await life to return a semblance of normalcy, clad in sweatsuits that have become an extension of our being in the past year. From the looks of it, we won’t be changing out of them just yet. There are just about a bajillion sweatsuits out in the world for us to add to cart but call it new year, new sensibilities, we’re narrowing it down to a lineup of sustainable options. And we’re pleased to report, there’s still plenty to pick from. From Instagram-famous Pangaia’s candy-hued recycled cotton separates to Patagonia’s organic and recycled polyester-blend sweaters, here’s your environmentally conscious loungewear shopping list.

Ninety Percent Paneled Organic Cotton-Jersey Hoodie & Track Pants

Patagonia Pastel P-6 Label Organic Crew Sweatshirt

Pangaia Heavyweight Recycled Cotton Sweatshirt & Shorts

Girlfriend Collective Mauve Classic Sweatshirt & Jogger

Ganni Software Block Isoli Oversized Hoodie & Elasticated Pants

Entireworld Giant Sweatshirt & Brushed Sweatpants

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