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New Year, New You? But These Are the Wardrobe Essentials You’d Still Need

As your mama would say, get your basics right and the rest will follow. Who would've thought such wise words applied to clothes?

When the new year rolls around, along with it follows an urge to hit the refresh button. You know the drill – new diet plan, new workout regime, new makeup routine, new everything. It’s almost as though we have all been hardwired to reset our lives in the new year. But who the heck set these rules anyway?

It has taken me all 27 years of life to realise that the way to move forward is to do better. Putting it into the context of the next decade in fashion, doing better means making conscious decisions with your purchases. This conversation is headed exactly where you think it’s headed.

Sustainability. The word that has been on everyone’s lips, yet, is so loosely defined. The part you and I play in this conversation largely pertains to our purchasing behaviour. If you, like me, are not ready to commit entirely to sustainable wear but are open to welcoming the idea into your wardrobe, streamlining your purchases is a good place to start as any.

Prime your wardrobe by building from the foundation up. Invest in well-made staples that wear well with time. Have you heard of Levis denims, tailored white shirts or cashmere sweaters that have gone out of fashion? I think not. As you embark on your sartorial endeavour this year, these classics pieces will pave the path ahead. A toast to(wards) sustainability!


You could dress it up, dress it down, dress it however you want. A white shirt is as basic as wardrobe basics go but it is the furthest from a snooze fest when you land on THE ONE.


Denim never goes out of style and it doesn’t always have to be blue. From the days of Kate Moss to Kendall Jenner, the model off-duty staple is for when you’ve run out of outfit inspiration but no one else has to know.


We’re talking tailored blazers. These might not be required on the daily but they are an absolute must-have on the days you need to get it together or at least look the part.

#4: A SLIP UP 

In the realm of evening dresses, slip dresses reign supreme. It speaks of a certain classicism every woman aspires to exude. Can you see yourself sauntering about a soirée in one of these numbers?


Carryalls are the trickiest one of the lot. A bag is a deeply personal item, especially the ones for everyday use. But you can’t quite go wrong with the ones where functionality meets contemporary design.

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