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Nicholas Ghesquière and His Idiosyncratic Vision of The Eighties

From small dated florals to exaggerated ruffles, Louis Vuitton showed us the brilliant union of the past and future.

Besides the usual landmarks in Paris that often appear in the typical tourist’s Instagram, there’s a building you’ll find particularly interesting. Not only does the modern architecture stick out like a sore thumb, it’s covered in the most colourful, peculiar pipes. So, imagine our surprise when we walked into the Louvre, only to be met with a replica of the distinctive Centre Pompidou.

To a soundtrack of ’80s hip-hop and funk, models walked through the maze-like runway in an array of colours, textures and patterns. The assortment is certainly new, but it was expressive, full of life and one-of-a-kind.

Nicholas Ghesquière took his usual futuristic outlook and combined it with elements of the past. He references small florals that appear to come from your grandmother’s wardrobe, only to merge it with structured leopard-print ruffles along the neckline that accentuate the shoulders. He marries the most unthinkable patterns and prints, adding graphic, structural lines to finish off the look. 

To our delight, the bags came in the coolest shapes: a U-shaped flat tote, an odd-shaped clutch put together with different patterns, and what looks like an iPad holder of sorts. Eyelets scattered the designs, and there was no shortage of the classic Louis Vuitton monogram or Damier pattern. A line-up of brogues stepped out in all sorts of colours, alongside eyelet-covered low-heeled booties that look like they were made for walking. That’s good news for us any day.

With Ghesquière, it’s the details that matter. At a closer look, we noticed that the caps resembled those of what men wore in ancient Chinese dynasties. Belts of different sizes featured exaggerated square buckles or embellished with repetitive triangles. 

If it all sounds a little chaotic to you, that’s because it was intentional. The styling may seem a bit daunting, but it instantly becomes wearable once the pieces are pulled apart. Ghesquière never fails to bring his brilliance and innovation to his shows, and this time was no different.

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