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How To Make Dressing Up For The Office That Much Easier

Pour yourself a cup of ambition and toss out corporate closet conventions with our round-up of all the sartorial ways to put the spring back into your 9-to-5.

According to separate reports by Forbes and Time, the way you commute to the office can greatly influence the way you work. The longer you have to travel, the more hurried, anxious and less energetic you feel when you touch down on that desk. In a nutshell, a lower sense of satisfaction all around.

For most of us, the commute is inevitable, so we seek other ways to make things in the morning just a little less miserable. And, before you ask – the observations made in the reports included both cars and public transport so no, that Uber is not going to make things that much better.

Like how dressing for the gym can influence your attitude at the gym and make working out easier – oh yeah, it’s been proven, so go cray at Lululemon if you must – perhaps putting a spring back into your office wardrobe can put a spring back into your step as you go through your 9-to-5. If you can go even further by making getting ready easier, then that’s more time saved, less hurriedness and ergo, greater satisfaction. It all makes sense!

Consider the perfect back-to-work bag that goes with everything, so you don’t even have to think. Think about stocking up on the five essential types of pants, one for the different days of the work week, or go a step further and transform your work wardrobe in five easy steps. Don’t forget the pencil skirt either – there is more than one way to wear the corporate classic that doesn’t say “librarian” or the much dreaded “basic”. The same goes for the pantsuit and the plethora of shoe options you open yourself to when the cards are right. The final touch even though not technically part of your wardrobe? Eyebrows. So small, yet so important.

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